Acupuncture – Conditions Treated

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Cancer Care

Chemotherapy induced nausea/vomiting, pain, Hot flashes, and fatigue related to cancer and treatment side effects.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Which involves relearning skills that a person lost because of brain damage from a stroke.


Nausea Relating to Pregnancy


A study shows that adding acupuncture to standard treatment leads to significant, long-lasting relief from chronic headaches, especially migraines.

Menstrual pain, irregularity

Tennis Elbow


(Or widespread pain and tenderness of muscle and soft tissue.)

Myofascial Pain

(Caused by spasms in the muscles)


(Or the breakdown of the tissue (cartilage) that protects and cushions joints.)

Back and Neck Pain

For people who have back pain, acupuncture may help decrease pain and increase activity. Studies show that acupuncture reduced pain and disability related to back problems more than usual treatment.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

(or pressure on a nerve in the wrist that results in tingling, numbness, weakness, or pain of the fingers and hand.)


(Or inflammation in the tubes that carry air to the lungs, resulting in periodic episodes of difficulty breathing, wheezing, chest tightness, and coughing.)

Smoking and Drug Addiction

Acupuncture can help reduce symptoms of withdrawal after a person stops taking a drug or medication he or she is addicted to.

Dental Pain

PTSD/Anxiety Symptoms

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Our Mission

As trained professionals in the field of Natural Medicine, our mission is to provide affordable, research-based healthcare for the entire family.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a safe, caring and compassionate environment in which patient concerns are actively listened to and healthy lifestyle choices are encouraged. We will make every effort to find the underlying cause of disease and treat each person as a whole. We will strive to empower people towards holistic wellness in mind body, and spirit.

‘May You Be In Good Health, Even As Your Soul Prospers’

III John: 2